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Erik Max Francis max at
Thu Jul 5 20:18:06 CEST 2001

"Martin Sjögren" wrote:

> The past few days I've been writing on a basic SSL module for Python,
> written completely in C. Yep I'm getting paid to do it. ;)
> It uses OpenSSL (of course?) and it's starting to take shape. Of
> course
> there are a multitude of things not finished, a lot of the OpenSSL API
> that I haven't included. Let's put it this way, it's doing what we
> (the
> company I work for) need it to do. If someone wants to continue
> working on
> it I'll be just as glad. I might continue working on it in my spare
> time
> too.

I sure hope that you have gotten written, explicit permission to release
the code.  If you are getting paid to do it, then the job is work for
hire, and you do not own the copyright, so it is not under your
authority to release it publicly.

Make sure you've cleared it with your company before you go any further.
(If they have not already okayed it, it is unlikely that they would.)

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