interpreter improvements

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Sat Jul 21 01:20:38 EDT 2001

Are you on Windows?  All the things you mentioned are available on
Linux/Unix/BSD/etc. with the readline module.

On Windows platforms it is possible (but not easy) to get the standard
GNU readline working.  I created an "Alternative Readline" using a bit
of code from /F and some home-baked Python code for those of us on
Windows... get it at

It provides command history but not completion.

Hope this helps...

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From: "kevin parks" <kp87 at>

> I've always wondered why the interpreter was so, uhm...difficult, even
> compared to wish (tcl). I like to mess around and improvise in the
> interpreter, but find that it is so feature-starved that it is often a
> bit tedious. Couldn't the interpreter be improved to behave more like
> a real shell, with command history and maybe evn completion or (god
> forbid) keywork syntax coloring. Couldn't it support some basic shell
> commands like more and ls and such? Even in wish i can type ls and get
> a listing. The interpreter is a great tool, but it really requires a
> wicked amount of typing and you can't eaily recall and edit these
> monster that you type in at the prompt.
> cheers,
> -kevin parks
> seoul, korea
> kp87 at
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