[ZOPE] External Method process limits?

Lee Harr missive at frontiernet.net
Tue Jul 10 03:20:17 CEST 2001

On Mon, 09 Jul 2001 04:48:25 GMT, alan runyan <runyaga at thisbox.com> wrote:
>> Well, the code is cut and pasted from the Zope Book, so I am
>> _assuming_ there are no errors in the script. And, like I
>> said it works fine on other images.
> I wouldnt assume anything.
>> What I am trying to determine is if there are any
>> limits set on External Methods which I might be running in
>> to trying to process such a large image. I have looked
>> through many pages of docs and everything seems to be
>> saying that External Methods are unrestricted.
>> Is that true?
> from my experience, they are completely unrestricted.  You can now do this
> w/ XXXPythonScripts, if interested ;)

So, TTW Python Scripts can be made unrestricted? Sounds dangerous.
(I like it :)

I took one of the images and started cutting it up in to smaller
parts. I cut it in half. No good. Then I cut the half in half.
That one got thumbnailed just fine.

So I am thinking it is one of two things:

= External Methods are restricted somehow in how much processing
  power they can use, or
= cStringIO uses a different method to move data around once
  the file gets past a certain size, and that is causing trouble.

> the error message says you are getting a acquistionwrapper instead of a file
> object.  so I think there is something different from what you are doing
> with this one vs the other images that worked.  different object types or
> something.  (?)  maybe something with the same name thats being acquired
> from somewhere?
> for future reference, ZOPE discussions should be kept to the zope mailing
> lists. www.zope.org -- you will get answeres much faster and will be viewed
> by a larger group of people interested in your problems.

I looked at the mailing lists, but I do not like getting so much
mail and don't like the web interface to the lists. I much prefer
to do this over usenet. (Works great for python, why not zope?)

> ~runyaga

Thanks for your help.

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