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Paul Winkler slinkp23 at
Wed Jul 11 13:51:21 EDT 2001

jcm wrote:
> Sure, you can have your monsters do fractal-generation if you want and
> you'll use up lots of cpu time.  But analyzing the cpu-cost of
> wandering monsters seems like a reasonable thing to do.  Maybe I
> shouldn't have bothered bringing up a specific example unless I was
> prepared to go into more detail.  Anyway, I maintain that
> network-speed isn't the only thing that can reasonably slow down a
> mud.

OK... so it sounds like you've established that your server is
1) working, and
2) too slow.

Have you already followed my previous suggestion?
I'll quote it:
> Then write a test script that hits the server hard, and run the
> server under the
> python profiler.
> Then, once you know what the slow parts are, go to the FAQ
> wizard:
> ...and search for "optimize". There's lots of good info in there.

If you're already sure that the wandering monsters are the problem, you could
skip the test script for now.

But wait - I see in another message from you:
> I didn't bother posting my source code,
> because I'm personally not interested in looking for further
> optimizations.

So I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for.
Your mud is too slow to make you happy but you're not interested in fixing it?

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