Language change and code breaks

Courageous jkraska1 at
Wed Jul 25 00:13:54 EDT 2001

>> The moment using "tools" with Python becomes an essential part of
>> creating Python programs, the language is dead to me. All of this
>> pent-up rancor of mine comes with my open contempt for Lisp environ-
>> ments which more or less simply require you to use Emacs.

>I think you've got that backwards.  The whole point of putting case
>insensitivity in the tools it *not* to force you to use the tool.
>The language would remain case-sensitive, and ...

This works great for me. We're talking past eachother: some folks
have opined they want case _insensitivity_ in the language with
tools to enforce consistent usage. No way! That basically makes
me use the tools. That happens, I walk.


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