Eiffel better than Python ?

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Tue Jul 3 11:57:41 EDT 2001

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> I wonder if the annual Dataquest language survey, if it still exists,
> that showed that more "programmers" used Basic in it's various flavors
> then all other languages combined still shows that... hmm, is that a

(I can't find their 2001 survey) but the emergence of Visual Basic
in the top spot is pretty recent there, and now threatened:
2000 Visual Basic
1999 Visual Basic
1998 Visual Basic
1997 PowerBuilder
1996 PowerBuilder
1995 Borland C++
1994 Borland C++
1993 Turbo Analyst
1992 Turbo Analyst
1991 TurboAnalyst/Borland C++
1989 COBOL Level III

Their "UPIs" for the year 2000 are:

Visual Basic 100
Oracle 76
Java 66
Borland Delphi 34
Visual C++ 28

but I'm not sure what that measures exactly.

Interestingly, current usage was reported the highest
for Java, followed by Visual Basic. Visual Basic doesn’t
have the huge lead that it had last year. The UPI of Oracle
and Java has increased manifold. So for now, all eyes are
on Oracle and Java as the preferred development tools next


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