Pythonic Quote of the Week - sliding away...

Michael Robin me at
Thu Jul 5 03:11:23 EDT 2001

I assume that the lack of any positive response to this implies lack
of agreement - but just in case...

CPython and JPython are complimentary in their standard libraries, the
behavior (and amount :) ) of their memory management, etc., so that
the removal of one (certainly CPython) would cut the user community
drastically. Not being at the mercy of a JVM (unless having it around
is a good idea for other reasons) is an important feature.

Hmm, does someone provide an auto-magic way to reflect Java objects
into CPython when needed, in conjunction with an "adjacent" JVM? I
think you could get at Java objects through win32com & the MS VM, but
I'm not sure about any cross-platform methods - but I'm behind on Java
technology. (Python-implemented RMI?)


scott <smarsh at> wrote in message news:<3B428990.B5AC4CB5 at>...
> Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> <snip>
> Because I know Java better than Python, I'll vent this unlikely
> proposal:
> Abandon cPython (ok, bug fix it for a while, then 'deprecate' it) and
> throw all development effort behind Jython. The core developers can
> continue to improve the Java implementation of Python and everyone else
> can buy the three "Java in a Nutshell" books (key APIs, graphics APIs
> and enterprise APIs) and take the rest of the decade off :-)

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