Is Python Dead?

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Old Chinese proverb.  It is better to light one candle then to forever curse the darkness.

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>> I have been following Python for five years now, and I am still just as
>> frustrated with it as I was in 1996.
>> Python still doesn't have good database support, 
>I, too, have been following Python since 1996, waiting all the while
>to make it easy for me to do database programming. What I'd call good
>database support is where I download a file or set of files into a
>directory under my Python directory, perhaps run an install program,
>then start Python, import a package, issue a command to connect to
>Oracle, and start playing around with the scott/tiger database. I
>don't want, nor do I have the time, to compile anything, nor muck
>around with the Windows registry, nor manually set paths -- I just
>want to try the product, not install it for production use. Ideally,
>I'd like the IDE to do this for me.

Then why don't you write one, instead of just complaining that
the tools available don't work quite how you like?

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