New PEP: Quality Guidelines For Standard Modules

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at
Mon Jul 2 05:41:35 CEST 2001

After re-reading both Malcolm Tredinnick comments and my own draft, I'v 
come up with a revision for this key paragraph:

  What is the Standard Library?

  The Standard Library is comprised of the modules that are
  documented in the Python Library Reference manual. Standard
  Python Distributions MUST implement all modules from the
  Standard Library, with the possible exception of OS-dependant

That's a little clearer, I think. However it does still suffer from some 

- Python != CPython. This should not be an issue, though;
   standard modules should be supported on different Python
   implementations also.

- The problem was moved from the definition of the "Python
   Standard Library" to the concept of a "Python Distribution".
   It is not clear what a Python Distribution is. However, I
   feel that the existence of the Python Library Reference
   manual is already one step on this direction, because it
   does define a lot of things as part of the "official"
   Python Distribution.

Again, a disclaimer: English is not my first language, and sometimes it is 
hard for me to make myself clear. I hope to get better with a few more 
attempts :-)

Carlos Ribeiro

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