Python -- Use with both COM & Java?

Howard Dunlavy howard at
Tue Jul 3 01:06:49 EDT 2001

This question may be way off base, but here goes anyway...

Would it be possible to maintain one set of Python code that would run in
both a Microsoft COM environment and a Java environment -- both natively?

Our situation is that we are currently using Delphi and WebHub in our web
applications.  However, as we talk to more of our larger customers, they are
falling into either the native Microsoft camp (IIS, COM, MTS) or the native
Java world.  We had been trying to bridge this problem by using SOAP as our
RPC.  However, since we actually have to install our software (we are an
ISV) at our client site, they would prefer software that would live in their
respective "worlds".

Hence my question.  Is Python something that could be used to create both
COM object and EJB's, for instance (using JPython).

Any comments would be appreciated.

I realize that this approach might be the "worst of both worlds", and it
would probably make sense for us to pick one world or the other, but I am
concerned that we are going to shut ourselves out of a major part of market
by choosing just one of MS or Java.



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