Python speed

Pete Shinners shredwheat at
Tue Jul 10 19:28:53 CEST 2001

"tyler spivey" <tspivey8 at> wrote
> python is way slower than c. that's no big deal. but:
> 1. is python slower than perl
> 2. is python slower than ruby
> 3. is python slower than lua (some kind of scripting language)
> i want to know if python, or lua would be a good thing to
> design a mud in. probably not lua since i think it is dead.
> why are they way more modules for ruby than python?

for doing a MUD, the language speed is not going to have
much noticeable effect, since network speed is far slower
than any of the languages can handle.

of the languages you list i'd say ruby or python would be
your best bests. this being comp.lang.python, i'm going to
put an obvious lean on using python :]

who do you mean, "they", are building way more modules for
ruby than python? at this point python has a much larger
user base, a larger standard library, and a lot more people
working on a lot more different modules.

what modules in particular are you seeing on ruby that aren't
available for python?

also, you mention ruby as faster than python, but i'd put
them in the same speed category. i suppose on an average of
benchmarks you'll find ruby about 10% quicker than python,
but there are cases where python will win too. i doubt its
the type of speed difference you can see without a stopwatch

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