GUI Builder for Python ?

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Mon Jul 2 18:28:12 EDT 2001

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Ted Wright <wright at> wrote:
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>>"Lothar Scholz" wrote:
>>> Is there something other then "Black Adder" which  is behind an  alpha
>>> version ?
>> Have you tried using Glade?
>> With the assistance of libglade it is exceptionally easy to use Glade
>> and attach handlers written in Python.
>Has anyone made this work under Windows? I tried it a few months ago, and
>it worked great under Linux, but there seemed to be some piece (Python
>bindings for libGlade?) missing under Windows. 

There appears to be a gap as the Python-version-transition occurs.  There
are pieces for 2.0 and for 2.1, but not, it seems, all the pieces for
both.  At least I haven't found them.

pygtk stuff is available for 2.0 (the best functioning stuff that I've
found is part of the Gimp distribution, though the pygtk installer may
also work with some manual help -- the *.py and _gtk.pyd files don't seem
to be installed into all the right places (this can be assisted manually).

libglade stuff was graciously sent by Cedric Gustin, but he's working on
Python 2.1.

I tried running a mixed-version system (actually several combinations) but
failed to get it working.  Wouldn't mind doing Linux compiles, but my
system isn't set up to compile for Windows, and I hesitate to start down
that path.  Hopefully Hans Breuer will soon port to 2.1.


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