and now for something really different... (was: PEP: Defining Python Source Code Encodings)

Bruce Sass bsass at
Tue Jul 17 17:24:04 EDT 2001

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, Roman Suzi wrote:
> Or, yes! And some dosstrings could be web-cam broadcasts from PythonLabs
> ;-)
> Well, at least some recording must be done.
> For example, when Python starts, it shows random piece
> from M.P.F.C. show. (When Digicool will buy rights to MPFC?)

I would expect a videodocstring to boil down to a URL, which could be
local or reference a webcam.  Once the infrastructure is in place it
would be possible to extend the functionality to other aspects of

> Or when user tries to put xrange outside for loop statement,
> GvR's voice says: "Oh, no!"

...including that... but why stop there... ring a bell inside
PythonLabs and bring up a webcam connection, then one of the
language's designers can try to talk the programmer out of doing it.
You could have a whole network of online-tutors, all just waiting to
pop up and tell you how to code (if it was allowed as per settings in
the system wide and per-user magic files).

Or maybe some .com's support staff popping up whenever a Python
program generates an uncaught exception.

<0.0 wink>

- Bruce

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