Pythonic Quote of the Week - sliding away...

scott smarsh at
Tue Jul 3 23:12:24 EDT 2001

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> The solution as proposed by the main python-dev guys - Guido himself and
> Tim Peters - is that the community should take the responsibility to keep
> the library, as we can see here:
> [Guido van Rossum, 2001-06-30 05:53:49 PST]
> So let's all do what we do best: the core developers (e.g. PythonLabs)
> improve the language, and the community improves the library.
> [Tim Peters, Date: 2001-06-30 21:01:05 PST]
> A problem is that nobody at PythonLabs has any spare cycles. People can
> suggest any number of things we should do for them, but we're already
> overloaded -- it simply won't happen.
> As it's impossible to clone an army of timbots to solve this problem, we
> must try to find another solution. I don't believe that we can sort this
> issue without some involvement of PythonLabs and the core Python-dev guys.
> The problem is not lack of good modules, but lack of *standard* modules. To
> make a module standard, some level of Python-dev commitment is a *must*.
> One of things that plugged me on this "Python thing" was the "batteries
> included" motto. In fact, the strength of any programming environment can
> be measured by the extension and usability of its standard library. That's
> where Java is shining today. The investment on the standard library is one
> of the surest ways of making Python popular while keeping with the "there's
> one way to do it" motto.
> Carlos Ribeiro

Because I know Java better than Python, I'll vent this unlikely
Abandon cPython (ok, bug fix it for a while, then 'deprecate' it) and
throw all development effort behind Jython. The core developers can
continue to improve the Java implementation of Python and everyone else
can buy the three "Java in a Nutshell" books (key APIs, graphics APIs
and enterprise APIs) and take the rest of the decade off :-)

And for my next wish (the more likely one :-)), I'll take world peace.

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