Interpreter hangs after calling my extension

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Sun Jul 1 07:01:36 EDT 2001

Ben Hutchings <ben.hutchings at> writes:

> When I enter 'cvsdll.main([])' at the Python console, my extension
> function is called; it runs and returns as expected (checked in the
> VC++ debugger), but the Python interpreter never prints a new prompt
> or reacts to input.  Further, if I set cvsdll.stderr = sys.stderr
> first, the error message that is successfully written to sys.stderr
> (checked in the VC++ debugger) never appears in the console.

Your code looks fine to me. Are you running it from IDLE or PythonWin?
If so, don't be surprised that nothing is displayed immediately; you
may need to trigger a repaint. So I recommend to run it in the console
version first.

Next, you probably have to start debugging through the Python code, as
well. You'll need the debug version of Python for that so VC++ can
locate the source code properly.


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