[OT] Eternal programming

Ben Wolfson rumjuggler at cryptarchy.org
Sun Jul 8 19:54:20 CEST 2001

On Sun, 08 Jul 2001 17:17:56 GMT, "Ronald Legere" <legere at adelphia.net>

>If I were going to do that, I think I would use Scheme.. the syntax is very
>simple, and if you use only core language constructs
>(cons/car/cdr/define/cond and a few others.. maybe definemacro too. ) you
>will have writen your code in a very easy to implement language (almost
>everyone writes a scheme interpreter at some point <* grin *> )
>  Alternatives? Perhaps lambda calc with minimal extensions.. but then again
>thats just scheme :)

Pah!  Unlambda
(http://www.eleves.ens.fr:8080/home/madore/programs/unlambda/) is the only
option for *true* simplicity and ease of use!

Barnabas T. Rumjuggler
No man can run so fast that he can escape his own past's projectile vomit.

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