Sample code for using readline

Matt Noel mgn000 at
Mon Jul 9 11:38:25 EDT 2001

Matt Noel wrote:
> Can someone send me a sample of how to use the readline module?  I'm
> just starting out with Python and wanted to code up something using
> readline but I can't quite figure out how to import and use it
> properly.  I've used it before with Perl.

I should claify that I'm asking about the module for providing access to
the GNU readline interface, not the method Python provides for reading
lines from a file.  I know there is an entry for this in the Python
Library Reference but it's not enough for me to get started.  Maybe
after I get a bit more used to the language it will be.
> A chunk of code would be quite handy.  I checked the FAQ but did not see
> anything that looked useful.

     Matt Noel           mgn000 at

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