PEP: Procedure for Adding New Modules (please comment)

Bruce Sass bsass at
Thu Jul 5 03:43:15 EDT 2001

> Maintainer(s)
>     All contributions to the standard library need one or more
>     maintainers. This can be an individual, but frequently is a group
>     of people such as for instance the XML-SIG. Groups may subdivide
>     maintenance tasks among themselves. One ore more maintainers shall
>     be the _head maintainer_ (usually this is also the main
>     developer). Head maintainers are convenient people the integrators
>     can address if they want to resolve specific issues, such as the
>     ones detailed later in this document.

With the maintainers of the existing library being the group of core

> Open issues
>     Should there be a list of what criteria integrators use for
>     evaluating contributions? (source code but also things like
>     documentation and a test suite, as well as such vague things like
>     'dependability of the maintainers').

Yes, but subjective determinations should be avoided as much as
possible.  Will maintainers be given access to the servers, if so then
there should be set procedure to verify who they are (email don't cut

>     A related question is integration with the Python documentation
>     process. Contributions should come with good documentation that
>     can be integrated with the Standard Library documentation. Should
>     we detail this more in this PEP?

It should be mentioned, but not detailed...
refer it to a different PEP.

>     Should the current standard library be subdivided among such
>     maintainers? Many parts already have (informal) maintainers; it
>     may be good to make this more explicit.

That would be up to the group currently responsible for them.

>     Perhaps there is a better word for 'contribution'; the word
>     'contribution' may not imply enough that the process (of
>     development and maintenance) does not stop after the contribution
>     is accepted and integrated into the library.

"contribution" accurately describes the relationship of the work
to the standard library, and as soon as someone starts looking into
contributing the word "maintainer" is gonna smack'em in the forehead.

I understand your concern, but don't think it will trip up anyone
serious about contributing.

- Bruce

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