Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

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This reminds me of a software training session I held long ago.  I mentioned
that one is proficient in a foreign language when they dream in that
language.  Similarly, if one dreams in binary ones and zeros, they have
really mastered software languages.

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> How silly -- everybody knows that owning it is irrelevant, the key thing
> is sleeping with your head close to it so that its magical effluvia reach
> your brain each night.  Good thing the standard Python library reference
> does specify that usage mode IS keeping it under one's pillow!
You should be ashamed of yourself, passing on rubbish like this. Putting
them under your pillow does no good; you have to *eat* them if you want to
gain their power.

The 'Essential Reference' isn't a problem here, but you'll need to be a
*big* eater to cope with 'Programming Python'.

Not-saying-a-word-about-Americans-ly y'rs,
Simon B.

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