Debugging extension modules

David Bolen db3l at
Mon Jul 16 18:29:12 EDT 2001

"Brian Quinlan" <BrianQ at> writes:

> David wrote:
> > You could probably (at least under NT/2K) rename the DLL in order to
> > rebuild a new version, but I expect you'd still have to stop/start
> > Python to get it to reload the new version.
> Doing this would be painful because the module name must match the
> file name of the DLL.

Right, that's why you have to rename the current DLL (which is in use
by Python) to something else before rebuilding.  Of course, given the
probable need to stop/restart Python to then load in the new version,
at best this just let's you parallelize some current testing with a
new build task.

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