Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

Tim Peters at
Sat Jul 21 18:37:41 EDT 2001

[Stephen Horne]
> ...
> Scripting doesn't just mean generating web pages. I don't think the
> web even existed when Python started out.

Here from Andrew Kuchling's delightful collection of Python quotes, at

    If you have a browser from CERN's WWW project (World-Wide Web, a
    distributed hypertext system) you can browse a WWW hypertext
    version of the manual...

    Guido van Rossum, 19 Nov 1992 [First mention of the Web on

> Believe it or not, computers were used for a *huge* range of
> applications before the web was invented, and those applications have
> *not* gone away.

And quite unlike the Web, which is just another passing fad <wink>.

hope-springs-eternal-ly y'rs  - tim

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