Is Python Dead?

Gerhard Häring gerhard.nospam at
Mon Jul 2 08:40:10 EDT 2001

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001 21:42:37 -0700, Edward B. Wilson II <ed at> wrote:
>I have been following Python for five years now, and I am still just as
>frustrated with it as I was in 1996.
>Python still doesn't have good database support, nor has it grown to be
>useful in the web space as mod_perl.  PyApache has been around longer than
>mod_php, yet php has far surpassed it as a productivity tool in the web

PHP is IMHO even worse a programming language than Perl. The main difference
may be that there is a company behind PHP, whereas there are AFIK no sponsors
of mod_python and mod_snake development (you know about these and not only
about PyApache, do you?).

I have had no problems with Python's database support, yet I didn't push it to
the limits yet (only did simple stuff). There is at least one Python database
module available for any major database that I know of. 

>Python needs better leadership in areas of its growth.  Python is truly the
>best language in use today, except it still isn't very useful for the
>largest solution sector, database access, and information presentation (web,
>or otherwise).

There are tons of modules available for these sectors. Do you think that they
are all buggy or lack important features?

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