Deposing Dictators

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> > The closest equivalent I can come up with: I still run into people
> > using dBase III.
> [Tim Peters]
> Time to move into the 21st century, Dirck!  This alternative is often
> overlooked:

[ValleyGirlVoice:] OhMiGod.

> When that site was just getting started, Guido sent them a congratulatory
> msg about what a wonderfully well-done joke it was.  Turns out they weren't
> kidding -- and boy, was his face red <wink>.

Oops. Oh well :^)

I actually compiled a COBOL program once.
Back in 1985 or thereabouts I was working as an operator at a
warehouse for Super Shops Auto Performance part stores.  
The stores were using terminals on leased lines connected to
Pr1me Super-Minis at the warehouse.  So one day I was futzing
with some stupid little utility they were using, I don't even 
remember what it did (probably equivalent to 3 lines of Python).
So I kick off the compiler, and the machine grinds to a halt.
The IT manager runs in:
"Oh no!  You're not supposed to use the compiler during the Daytime!
 The stores are online!  
 Well, there's nothing we can do now, everybody will just have to wait."

once again Oops. Oh well :^)

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