Language Niches (long)

Courageous jkraska1 at
Mon Jul 30 01:57:55 EDT 2001

>Why would you write ten or a hundred times as much code to solve your

Why would anyone ever write anything in C or other standard compiled

>> While I actually agree with this sentiment, note well that in compile-
>> time type checking communities, the primary argument in favor is
>> compile-time error checking, not speed. 

>I agree. But the type check argument is abstract and therefore weaker
>than the performance algorithm. If someone asked me if they could write
>a commercially competitive relational database in Python I would have to
>say: "No."

That's only because we're currently lacking good compiler/JIT virtual
machines for Python, really, although there's always a point where a
2:1 performance gain justifies moving to something like C. But then
again, this is preaching to the choir on a Python group, don't you think?


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