Two Simple Qs:

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Tue Jul 17 20:41:32 CEST 2001

newgene (newgene at wrote:
> 1. How can I run a simply Python script under IDLE directly?

Under the "Edit" menu, you'll find a "Run Script" option. You can do
the "Run Script" thing directly by hitting Control-F5. This works from
the Editor window (where you are editing your script) but it doesn't
work from the "*Python Shell*" window.

> 2. When I made some modification of my own module after I import this
> module,python can not recognized the modified module even I import it
> again.

After you do "import mymodule" and then later make changes in,
type "reload(mymodule)" to pick up the changes. Be sure to save the file
first, but IDLE should warn you if you've forgotten to save it.

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