Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

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Thu Jul 12 19:15:02 EDT 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:04:17 -0500, Kemp Randy-W18971 <Randy.L.Kemp at> wrote:
>I mentioned in a previous listing that someone else on the list made that
>statement, and I was raising a question, given that the information was
>true.  But I also have my doubts.  PHP is also competing for the market with
>JSP, ASP, and Cold Fusion, and you can run JSP (with Tomcat) and ASP (with
>Win doze and IIS) for nothing.  Ruby is still mainly used in Japan, and not
>outside that country. There is a good test of how popular something is.
>Walk into a big book store that carries technical books (Border's is an
>example in the US), or a web outlet like  Count how many
>books are on a topic: Perl, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, etc.  It may not
>be foolproof, but it is a good start. And yes -- I am a big Python fan, even
>though I don't get a chance to use it as frequently as others on this list.

There are a lot more pytohn books now than there were a few years
ago. I have never seen a Ruby book.

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