problem with sending email

Haris Lekatsas lekatsas at
Mon Jul 2 20:58:12 CEST 2001

I tried using a try... except and there is no exception thrown. Also
I am printing the response (print tmp_output) and I get an empty
dictionary which means the mail was sent succesfully. I do receive the email
but just the first 17,988 bytes. I think you may be right it may have
something to do with Apache.

In article <upubjy8y3.fsf at>, piet at says...
>>>>>> Haris Lekatsas <nospam at> (HL) writes:
>HL> I have a problem running the script below on FreeBSD. When I run it from the
>HL> UNIX prompt it runs fine and it sends a file (bigtextfile) of any size to
>HL> the recipient address. Whenever a run the exact same script from a web 
>HL> browser as a CGI script it will send only about 17K of the bigfile and not
>HL> the whole thing. I tried many different files and all of them get cut off
>HL> at around 17K. It seems on other OS this problem does not appear. Any ideas
>HL> why this is happening would be appreciated.
>Could it be the timeout of the HTTP server?
>Do you still get the response ("Mail sent!")?
>Anyway I would suggest you put a try except around the server.sendmail and
>print an error message if an exception is caught. Also print the response.
>Piet van Oostrum <piet at>
>Private email: P.van.Oostrum at

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