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Tim Hammerquist tim at vegeta.ath.cx
Mon Jul 16 22:50:23 EDT 2001

Me parece que Paul Prescod <paulp at ActiveState.com> dijo:
> Tim Hammerquist wrote:
> Re: having a bad day, no problem.


> ... but I'll bet that on the Perl mailing lists you'll hear
> a lot of Java-bashing.

Not in my experience.  In fact, the most common references to non-Perl
technologies is re. HTML/JavaScript (which are rather abrubtly led
toward other NGs).  In my memory, Python has been brought up several
times in clpmisc in a very _positive_ way: endorsing it....which is how
I came to check it out myself.  If it hadn't been for Abigail (a p5p),
I'd never have tried Python.

AFAIK, the only larger source of aggression than the anti-Perl
Pythonistas is the anti-C++ Smalltalkers.  <wink>

Well of *course* Perl should not be taught to everyone. It should
only be taught to people who want to like their computers.
	-- Larry Wall

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