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Mon Jul 9 10:31:45 EDT 2001

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, SoloCDM wrote:

>Ben stated the following:
>I'm not bashing Python, I'm only commenting on what I saw.  The tests,
>from my previous experience, are legitimate; therefore, the tests
>raised many unanswered questions.
>Theses numbers produced at this URL site are very real to me.  I
>noticed a balanced and small memory and cpu usage for most of the
>Python tests, but C/C++ out weighed most other languages.  Would
>anyone care to comment?

Have you tried to tweak weights?
If you put nonzero into "number of lines" category, you will get
the picture where Python and some other languages are winners.

There are other analyses (Lutz Prechelt's, for example) which show that
overall program efficiency depends largely on programmer's abilities.

Poor C/C++ programmer could make programs much worse than average Python

One more point about shootout. If I understood correctly, advanced
features are banned. You can't change

k = []
for i in list:


k = [f(i) for i in list]

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