freeBSD 4.2 + Python2.1

Robin Becker robin at
Wed Jul 18 06:50:54 EDT 2001

In article <wA0tXVAylUV7EwbY at>, Robin Becker
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>In article <3B554714.EAA32155 at>, Peter I. Hansen <pih at>
>>Robin Becker wrote:
>>> I'm trying to install Python2.1 and the package seems to install fine,
>>> but it seems that _socket.pyd is linked against which I
>>> don't have. Attempts to upgrade openssl are refused as openssl is part
>>> of the 'base' system. Am I really forced to upgrade the whole operating
>>> system?
>>> --
>>> Robin Becker
>>No, you can just download a new openssl (from and install it.
>I tried and make seemed only to build statics, any one know how to get
>Configure to work properly? I don't have the faintest idea what
>openssldir is/are etc
well I hacked the base Makefile to remove the check on the make ie
#.if exists(/usr/lib/libssl.a) && ${OSVERSION} >= 400014
#FORBIDDEN=     "OpenSSL is already in the base system"

and then the make happens as expected. I don't hink I'm going to try the
install though, perhaps a handomatic copy of the shared libs.
Robin Becker

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