import error

Galen Swint hcsgss at
Fri Jul 20 14:17:01 EDT 2001

I'm receiving the following error on AIX 4.3 for a shared module I built:

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "", line 5, in ?
    import imdpdf
ImportError: from module Exec format error

Can anyone tell me how to extract more information about the error? Or, better,
how to fix it? was created with the following:
./ld_so_aix gcc -Wl,-brtl -o -einitimdpdf imdpdfmodule.o
libimagedocpdf.o pcl_pdf_render.o /usr1/hcsgss/libimagedoc/
 -Wl, -L$(PDFLIBHOME)/lib -lpdf -L$(XMTHOME)/Xmt
-L$(XRTHOME)/lib -L$(XRTHOME)/src/tools -L/usr/lib/X11
-L$(IMAGEMAGICKHOME)/magick/.libs -L/usr/local/lib -L$(T1LIBHOME)/lib -lMagick
-ljbig -ljpeg -lmpeg -ltiff -lpng -lz -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lXext -ldl -lt1

Galen Swint

P.S. I vote case sensitivity, '//' for integer/integer division, and if you
change integer division (and/or case), the interpreter should be released under

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