Language Niches (long)

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Mon Jul 30 01:37:18 CEST 2001

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I hesitated to mention ADA as it is (so far as I'm aware) the only
computer programming language to have won a standardized selection
process. It has been an utter failure outside the DOD despite the fact
that it does indeed have a dedicated following.

I think many CS people would now say that ADA is an awful language, but
I'm uncertain exactly why. I felt at the time that it had far too many
keywords and was a bit too complete.

I think what I'm trying to say is that ADA is too complex at the
lexical/syntax side of things. I know that you can do nice
floating/fixed point things with ADA, but those anti-missile missiles
still seem to miss so perhaps the added complexity doesn't really work.
Robin Becker

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