SocketServer and threading mixin?

Greg Copeland gtcopeland at
Fri Jul 13 09:00:22 EDT 2001

Michael Ströder <michael at> writes:

> Greg Copeland wrote:
> > 
> > I've been following the bug report on the SocketServer module
> > and how it is broken with the threading mixin.  The bug report
> > has been closed and the people that posted offered several
> > solutions, however, from what I've seen, SocketServer, the
> > module, is still broken and requires a minor patch or two to
> > work correctly.  Does anyone know what the plans are to address
> > this issue down the road?
> Guido checked in SocketServer.__version__='0.4' and announced it on
> the bug tracking page. If you read the page carefully you will
> notice that.
> The various URLs were posted here several times during the last
> days. Actually I won't repost them because I'm currently trying not
> to mutate to a SocketServer.ThreadingMixin-in-Python-2.1 robot.
> The only URL I'd like to suggest today is: 
> Ciao, Michael.

While I do thank you for answering this, your tone is undesired and uncalled
for.  I just went back and checked and the things that you implied that I
should of read.  Simply put, they were not there the last time I read it.
Period.  If you read the date on the follow ups on the bug, you would
of known that the latest comments are very new and therefore, could of
easily not been read by a current poster asking about the information.  I
did not bother to monitor the thread as they had long since closed the bug
(which clearly should not of been closed as it had not been officially fixed).

Prior to posting, I specifially did web, news and bug searches to find out
what was going on with it (dejanews, google, sourceforge and python).

Next time, if you are annoyed having to post a reply, please don't.

Having said that, I do thank you for the polite responce you gave to my
encryption question.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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