Python: Database to Web Part II (and "teaching language")

Steve Williams stevewilliams at
Mon Jul 9 16:59:52 CEST 2001

Ville Vainio wrote:

> web2ed at (Edward Wilson) writes:
> > I pray to the Python Gods "please bless us with a Python JDBC
> > counterpart" and all in the world will be in balance.
> Amen.


Shawn Gordon says about Rekall, his MS ACCESS-like product:

. . .Some distinguishing characteristics for Rekall from MS Access is that
the scripting language is Python, and the database access is through KDE-DB,
which means you can swap out the native xBase format for anything that has a
KDE-DB plug in, so you could go to DB2 and 10,000 users  with this
application if you wanted. Now that Qt3 has this new database component we
have to see how that affects KDE-DB, it seems there is some overlap but not
totally. . .

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