Python, mysql, roundoff problem?

Steve Holden sholden at
Sun Jul 29 23:28:44 EDT 2001

"Greg Jorgensen" <gregj at> wrote in message
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> "William Dandreta" <wjdandreta at> wrote:
> > mysql stores numbers as strings. I discovered that when converted to
> floats
> > in Python they are not exactly the same which can cause roundoff errors.
> The
> > floats represent money and I need to be sure there is no roundoff
> >
> > What is normally done to deal with this situation?
> Work with pennies instead of dollars. Store 12949 instead of 129.49. Do
> integer arithmetic with pennies rather than floating-point arithmetic with
> dollars.
Add 0.5 then
>            Divide by 100
and take the integer portion of the result
>                                when you need to display the value.

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