Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

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I really can't speak for Ruby or PHP, as I can only work on the assumption that the gentleman that wrote the original work has accurate information.  But I also wonder about that.  How does PHP compare, in comparison to ASP, JSP, and Cold Fusion?  JSP is free if you run Tomcat, PHP is free, and APS is free if you run Windows and IIS.  The only one I question is Cold Fusion, which costs a few thousand.  And as far as Ruby goes, how many of those business needs lie outside Japan?  And Sun has picked up other big names (has anyone heard of IBM and Oracle?) on the J2EE bandwagon.  To set the record straight, I am pro Python.  But it is hard to get others at my company on that bandwagon.  I have a hard enough time selling Perl.   

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    Kemp> So an interesting question is raised.

Is it?

    Kemp> If PHP and Ruby are gaining acceptance because they address
    Kemp> business needs, what needs to be done to carry Python in
    Kemp> that direction?

*If*!  We can debate to no end whether PHP and Ruby are gaining
acceptance, in business circles.

And PHP and Ruby are quite different beasts.

I'm looking on my Debian system... and lo and behold, I don't see any
significant app or tool written in Ruby.  Okay, that might not mean
too much...  I can find tons of *important* stuff using Python,
however (apt-cache showpkg python-base scrolls off the screen... a 60
line screen.  The same for ruby fits nicely)

    Kemp> And while Java may be slow, Sun pushing it for business
    Kemp> solutions also gives that language acceptance.  How can
    Kemp> Python become as popular as Perl, Java, or PHP?

What Paul said... especially concerning Java.  Just Sun alone probably
has a marketing budget for Java that no company in the Python camp can

Bye, J

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