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Wed Jul 25 03:59:07 EDT 2001

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote in 
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> I find it pretty horrifying that this change is even being seriously
> considered much less is evidently going forward.  That I find the
> benefits (namely, making the language easier for novices to understand;
> integer division is not very hard to understand and have not known
> anybody learning programmer for which this was absolutely a deal breaker
> and totally inhibited their ability to learn a language) to be of
> dubious value only makes it more disturbing.

When it comes down to it, real beginners (5 to 7 years old?) will have been 
told that if you divide 9 by 2 you get 4 with 1 left over. Which is EXACTLY 
what you get at present. Floating point is a MUCH more sophisticated 
concept which, as has been shown repeatedly on this newsgroup, is hard even 
for most programming professionals.

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