And now, something completely different...

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Thu Jul 26 02:04:22 EDT 2001

The PEP0238 flamewar has been rather bad the last few days,
and a lot of ill will has been exchanged.  I was among the
detractors, and I feel I must apologize to Guido for 
contributing to his impending ulcer...

So, like, I'm sorry, man.

I found myself considering yesterday what programming 
language I would switch to if Python failed me, and I came
to the conclusion that, even with PEP0238 suddenly breaking
mucho code (as appeared likely before Guido's most recent
postings), Python would still be head and shoulders (and
beltbuckle and kneecaps) above everything else.

Now, with the changes taking firm hold in 2+ years, and 
evidence that Guido takes our concerns seriously, I'm a 
much happier camper.

Guido, I for one am happy to call you my Fearless Leader.

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