Marking a Python COM server safe for Internet Explorer

Bill Bell bill-bell at
Tue Jul 10 20:55:43 CEST 2001

"Duncan Booth" <duncan at> wrote, in part:
> ... if your control isn't marked as safe for scripting, IE creates
> the control before it pops up the box asking you whether you want
> to allow the script to run. In other words, if your control is
> written in Python, the __init__ method is called *before* the user
> is asked whether to permit it. 

Duncan, thanks for your comment. This is indeed what happens.

It occurs to me that one could prevent the appearance of the 
control itself by using a factory to build it. The user would need to 
permit the use of the factory which would in turn create the control. 
Since we're on the topic, and I haven't tried working out the details 
of something like this, would you care to comment?


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