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phil hunt philh at
Thu Jul 19 13:46:03 CEST 2001

On 18 Jul 2001 22:38:54 GMT, Quinn Dunkan <quinn at> wrote:
>Yes.  Automatic substitution does not take place at all.  Strings will never
>change their contents.

Quite right too! if you want sustitution, use P*rl!

>There are many functions that operate on strings, though.
>You can concatenate strincgs with (+):
>    'ps ef | grep ' + eachProcess
>You can interpolate strings with (%):
>    'ps ef | grep %s' % eachProcess
>Read the docs for more.
>As an aside, the above os.system is not a very good way to check for running
>processes (you want a >/dev/null in there at least, not to mention that it
>will break if you move it to a bsd). 

Because BSD doesn't like ``ps ef''? Or because there's a problem 
with os.system()?

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