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On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Kemp Randy-W18971 wrote:

> Kung Fu! Karate! Jujitsu. Aikido.   
> Python.  Perl.  Java.  PHP.
> Now I wouldn't want to get into a fight with anyone who is a black belt from
> the major four martial arts.  But given a preference, I would choose Aikido,
> since it redirects the attackers force.  
> But some people like debates that lead nowhere, and language debates are a
> key example.  Now smart software developers actually appeal to all the major
> camps.  Let's look at the open source database sapdb at  They
> actually have developed interfaces for Java, Perl, and Python.  Rather then
> saying one language is better, they opened the spectrum to what they feel
> are the major players.  And activestate at has developed
> tools and language versions for Perl, Python, and TCL.  

However, I usually see: "Java", "C++" (or more rare: "Perl") in job

> Language debates remind me of the old joke about life in Communist Russia.
> A supervisor saw a worker digging a hole, and another filling it up.  After
> this happened with a dozen holes, he went over and asked what was going on.
> They replied that the one worker who plants the trees is sick, but they
> still wanted to be productive for the day.


There is another similar one:
A worker runs to and from with empty tray. When asked why it is empty?
He answers: I have accelerated(*) my work but the one who must load it
have not accelerated yet;-)

(*) Acceleration (uskorenije) was another Soviet slogan.

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