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>Well, I say this because I've written a mud engine in Python and it's
>slow.  Using this engine on a PII 266 running RedHat 6.1, 400
>wandering monsters (with nothing else going on in the mud) will peg
>the cpu.  In a production mud, you might want to do something
>intelligent about wandering monsters (like have them stop wandering if
>no players are nearby to save cpu-time), but there will also be lots
>else going on.

What we have here is a clear failure to communicate.

Look, if you have *one* monster sitting in a computation-intensive loop,
you're going to peg the CPU no matter what language you're using.  The
question is, how efficient and fast is each pass through the loop, and
how responsive is the loop to external input?  Don't make the mistake of
measuring the wrong things.
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