Alternate numeric proposal

Erik Max Francis max at
Mon Jul 23 08:45:00 CEST 2001

Chris Gonnerman wrote:
> I have been following (and participating) in the integer division
> argument for some time (and a divisive one it is, too), and while
> standing in the shower (really!) an idea came to me.
> Why don't we add a hook to Python to control the numeric evaluation
> rules directly?
> The module writer says, HEY, what about me?  I need consistent math
> in my module!

That's exactly the problem here.  One of the primary reasons people are
objecting to the change is because it means a fundamental change in the
core language:  a builtin operator behaves differently.  The solution is
not generalizing all builtin operators, certainly -- that makes the
problem infinitely worse.

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