TK + cmd.cmdloop() in threads (was Re: howdoI: Exception in thread - terminating the program?

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>aahz at (Aahz Maruch) writes:
>> Generally speaking, it's safest to have only one thread accessing any
>> external resource (GUI, file handle, DB connection, etc).
>But one would think it's reasonably safe to access a resource one
>thread at a time, via mutexes etc. (and some external resource, such
>as sockets, almost *have to* be accessed in multiple threads). Is TK
>really such a beast that all the access to TK widgets have to be called
>via it's own event loop?

One might think that.  One would even be technically accurate.  But
writing threaded programs is difficult enough; I always recommend that
people put each external resource into a separate thread, and if they
want to hang themselves it's no skin off my nose.
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