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Mon, 23 Jul 2001 08:55:40 GMT, Nick Perkins <nperkins7 at home.com> pisze:

> Isn't there anything in 2.2 that deserves even a fraction of the discussion
> going on about div? (which has been beaten to death 9 times)
> getset(), staticmethod(), classmethod(), etc...

I must say that the current state of type/class unification is so
complex that I don't understand the details, all these slots and
wrappers and types, and why
    5 .__new__(list, '42') == 42
for example.

I home that the following piece of documentation is temporary!

   Isn't this backwards incompatible? Won't it break existing code? It
   would, if we changed the method resolution order for all classes.
   However, in Python 2.2, the new lookup rule will only be applied to
   types derived from built-in types, which is a new feature. Class
   statements without a base class create "classic classes", and so do
   class statements whose base classes are themselves classic classes.
   For classic classes the classic lookup rule will be used. (To
   experiment with the new lookup rule for classic classes, you will be
   able to specify a different metaclass explicitly.) We'll also provide
   a tool that analyzes a class hierarchy looking for methods that would
   be affected by a change in method resolution order.

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