Language change and code breaks

Guido van Rossum guido at
Thu Jul 19 22:44:06 CEST 2001

> TRuE, tHe ExPRESsiVity oF ThE lANGuaGE is ProBAbLY nOt cRipPled,
> hOWEvEr, tHere ARe SigNIficantLy FeweR ideNtIFIeRs AVaILABlE whICh mEAns
> iT is LESs eXPRessIvE. IN pArTicULar, cOMmON Idioms liKE naMiNg CLASseS
> stArTiNg WiTh UppER cASE lETtERS, AND instaNCeS OF THose cLAsSes
> begINNiNG with A lOwER caSE LettER CaN NO LongeR Be usED.

Very funny (not).  You misunderstood the intention.  The programming
environment should be case-preserving, and automatically correct
identifiers to use the same case as used when they were defined.

> AS fAR aS thE Size Of thE VARious camPs, I haVE YeT tO sEe a coMPeLLinG
> aRGuMeNt thAT THE grOup of noN-pRoGRaMmeRS THat WILl taKe up
> pRoGRAmmInG, ANd wiLL DO sO in PYTHon InsTEad oF VisUal BasiC, Is any
> LARGeR Than The groUp of ProgRAmmERs.

With your atttude, it will never happen.

--Guido van Rossum (home page:

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