Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Fri Jul 20 09:18:55 CEST 2001

"Tim Peters" <tim at> wrote in message news:mailman.995574273.21136.python-list at
> [Thomas Heller, on doctest]
> > The latest version from Python's CVS tree however does
> > not run any more under Python 1.5.2.
> > Is there an uptodate version available which is backward
> > compatible?
> I expect the incompatibility is shallow, introduced when someone charged
> thru the std libraries changing all uses of the string module into string
> methods.  If you'd like to change that back again and check it in, fine by
> me -- there was no intent here to be incompatible (or compatible either, for
> that matter <wink>).
Thanks to cvs update -j 1.3 -j 1.2 and manually fixing the two or threee
conflicts it was easy, with _one_ exception:

There is a 'from __future__ import generators' line, which
makes sense for 2.2, but throws SyntaxError in 2.1 and 2.0,
and ImportError in 1.5.2.
Unfortunately it cannot be wrapped by try: except: because
it must occur at the beginning of the file.
Any idea?


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