windows port access

Jon Nicoll jkn at
Mon Jul 16 04:43:07 EDT 2001

Hi Bryan
    Have a look at

Which contains my files for writing to a Parallel/LPT port. It is
buildable under both Windows (95, 98, ?ME?, Not NT or W2000) and

It is in need of updating for Python 2.x, and in its current state
you'll need a bit of knowledge to get it working, but the basics are
all there

    jon Nicoll

"Bryan Brannigan" <bbrannigan at> wrote in message news:<3b520bcb at>...
> I am looking for a way to send data to certain ports on a custom ISA card.
> The card is addressed as 280h.  Is this possible with Python?  Is the code
> compatible with Linux as well?
> Bryan

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