Language change and code breaks

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Guido van Rossum  <guido at> wrote:
>I have changed my mind.  I think that if I had to start over, I would
>indeed try my hands at a case-insensitive language aimed at teaching
>programming to beginners, with tools to enforce case consistency.
>Given that nobody else who currently uses Python thinks this is a good
>idea, I then settled on a case-sensitive language with case-preserving
>tools.  But now I think neither is worth fighting for.

I second Terry's comment: I think that if you produced a high-quality
toolset, no fighting would be needed.  Indeed, that is the measure of
the quality of Python itself; for all that we like needling the Perlers,
I think there is very little actual "fighting" to drive Python's
acceptance in the world.  Sometimes good does win mostly on its own
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