Language change and code breaks

Duncan Booth duncan at
Wed Jul 25 12:42:40 CEST 2001

Guido van Rossum <guido at> wrote in news:cpofq9a858.fsf at cj20424-

> But never mind, I'm giving up on making *Python* case-insensitive.
> The hostility of the user community is frightening.

I think at this point a polite 'thank you' is due from the user community.

It might be an idea though to change some of the error messages when a 
NameError or AttributeError is uncaught if a name could have matched with 
different case (although I'm not sure how much overhead this might cause).

NameError: name 'x' is not defined
could become:
NameError: name 'x' is not defined, nearest match was 'X'

AttributeError: C instance has no attribute 'Foo'
could become:
AttributeError: C instance has no attribute 'Foo', did you mean 'foo'?

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